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Human Resources Foundation

The Role of the Human Resources Foundation and the Direction of Measures to Strengthen It

TOSHIYA MIYOSHI Executive officer in charge of human resources

TOSHIYA MIYOSHI Executive officer in charge of human resources

Our human resources, which have unlimited potential, support the sustained growth of the Kirin Group and are the Group's most valuable management resource. In the belief that employees and the Company are equal partners, the Kirin Group respects the individuality of its enthusiastic employees (= autonomous individuals) who want to improve themselves through their work, and the Group strives to provide an environment for the further growth and development of these employees.
  Under the New Kirin Group Vision 2021 (New KV2021), we are aiming to address social issues, understand consumer expectations, and create value. To realize New KV2021, we need to establish an organization that will increase human resources diversity, facilitate the mutually acceptance of differences, and make full use of our various strengths.
  So that diverse employees work with enthusiasm, create products and services that draw on Kirin's distinctive strengths, and continue to inspire and surprise customers, we are implementing initiatives in the areas of human resources development, promotion of diversity, and achievement of work-life balance.

Basic Human Resources Principle

Basic Human Resources Principle

Developing Human Resources

Policy on Human Resources Development

At the Kirin Group, in the belief that it is important to enhance the skills of human resources, who are sources of value creation, our basic human resources principle is respect for humanity, and we continually work to develop human resources. To strengthen our competitiveness in a challenging operating environment and in an era that requires change, we must do our utmost to develop people who will lead the growth of the Group in the future and people who can realize the creation of value linked to our growth strategies.
  The Kirin Group's fundamental approach to human resources development is that "people grow through their work." Our policy for human resources development is to aim for autonomous, enthusiastic self-development by each individual in order to realize management reform. On that basis, we are taking steps to address the three highpriority challenges below.

  1. Leaders should have responsibility for the development of their people and implement on-the-job training.
  2. Everyone should understand the human resources development system and actively use the system to work toward self-development.
  3. People aiming to be management leaders of the future should take steps to develop their capabilities with self-awareness and resolution.
Policy on Human Resources Development

Kirin Management School

The Kirin Management School is an original program developed by Kirin that meets eight times over an eight-month period. The school is designed for managers who are younger than 45, and those selected to the program participate in lectures and case studies, learning not only strategic thinking skills regarding various management concepts but also how to put the knowledge they have acquired into practice. In addition, the program aims to develop future leaders who can effectively initiate management reforms.

Promoting Diversity

Approach to Promoting Diversity

Currently, the Kirin Group employs approximately 40,000 people at bases around the world. An important management challenge that we face is to increase our organizational capabilities (= human resources capabilities × corporate culture) by making full use of the strengths of these diverse human resources. Under the New KV2021, we are aiming for a corporate culture in which all people associated with Kirin Group businesses in global business fields accept each other and in which diversity is leveraged as a strength. Centered on the Diversity Promotion Office, we are working to create a corporate culture and workplaces in which enthusiastic, diverse employees can work energetically and achieve growth through their work, without regard to gender, disability, age, or nationality.
  Kirin Holdings draws on diverse viewpoints, including those of women, as a strength of the Company, and our use of those strengths to create new products and value for customers has been highly evaluated. We were selected for the 2013 Diversity Management* Selection 100, a program that is sponsored by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.

  • *Diversity management is management that generates innovation and fosters value creation by providing diverse human resources with opportunities to fully leverage their potential.
Approach to Promoting Diversity

Promoting Opportunities for Women

In October 2006, the Kirin Group formulated Kirin Positive Action, and the following year the Group established the Kirin Women's Network, an internal organization to actively support women's careers and network formation. We continue to implement both top-down activities, in which the Group creates opportunities and environments that facilitate active careers for women, and bottom-up activities, which support women's self-development and career growth.
  More recently, in 2013 we formulated "Promoting Active Participation by Women." Through systematic development and assignments, this plan has expanded career opportunities and advanced promotions for women and developed women's careers in such positions as executive officer, president of Group companies in Japan and overseas, plant manager (Kirin Brewery), branch manager (Kirin Beer Marketing), and general manager (Kirin).
  Moving forward, we will continue working to establish the systems and frameworks needed to ensure that women have active employment opportunities throughout a variety of life events, including marriage and childbirth. In addition, to support their motivation and a focus on continued self-growth, we are working to offer female employees career support, leader development training, and other initiatives.

Long-Term Plan to Promote Female Workers—KWN2021
In comparison with 2013, we have set the goal of tripling the number of female managers to 300 in 2021 (300 people, 12%), and we are working to create a corporate culture that fosters the realization of our vision.


Promoting Diversity at Kyowa Hakko Kirin

To support active careers for diverse employees, Kyowa Hakko Kirin launched the Diversity & Inclusion Project in 2010. Through this project, Companywide working teams have been formed and a variety of issues have been addressed. In July 2013, the Diversity Promotion Group was established in the Human Resources Department to address these issues in an ongoing manner. In these ways, Kyowa Hakko Kirin is working to bolster systems and enhance the working environment.
  In addition, Kyowa Hakko Kirin, which believes that it is important for all employees to share common concepts, has promoted awareness of the "Commitment to Life,*" which was formulated at the time of the establishment of Kyowa Hakko Kirin. In 2014–2015, the company held a video contest with the theme of "Commitment to Life."

Promoting Globalization

The Kirin Group is aggressively advancing the globalization of its operations. To strengthen mutual understanding and cooperation among Group companies around the world, we are working with a wide range of departments to foster international human resources exchanges, as well as the sharing of best practices. These initiatives include a short-term human resources exchange program.
  In addition, as one facet of efforts to develop Group managers, we have systematized and rolled out the Global Program, which develops next-generation leaders with global management viewpoints and advanced management capabilities.

Establishing an Environment with a Focus on Diversity

Human Rights Education Initiatives

As initiatives to create a corporate culture in which diverse employees can mutually recognize human rights and work energetically, every year we train all employees on human rights, and we offer executive training sessions on human rights for senior executives—presidents and general managers of Group companies—each year. In this way, we are taking a thorough approach to fostering respect for human rights among managers and employees. We are working with themes that are the focus of considerable attention in society. For example, the most recent human rights training had a theme of understanding LGBT issues.
  In addition, we have people in charge of human rights education in each Group company, and we hold study meetings and training for people in charge. In these ways, we are working to increase human rights awareness throughout the Group. Each year we implement a human rights awareness survey to review these initiatives. The results of these surveys, which are used to track changes in employee awareness at each company as well as issues that need to be resolved, are also useful in subsequent initiatives.

Achieving Work-Life Balance

Approach to Work-Life Balance

Work-life balance is an important theme for enabling employees to leverage their independence and creativity and to work with pride and motivation. In April 2010, the Kirin Group formulated its Charter of Work-Life Balance.
  The Group works to implement basic measures, such as appropriate working hour management and overtime reduction, on an ongoing basis, and to establish an environment that will be the foundation for work-life balance. In addition, we are establishing a range of systems to facilitate working styles with a balance between work and private lives for all employees, without regard to gender.
  Moving forward, we will establish frameworks that enable diverse working styles, including consideration for expanding the application of systems to each Group company. We will strive to support the realization of work-life balance for each individual employee. The results of these initiatives have been recognized, and the Kurumin nextgeneration certification mark was acquired by Kirin Brewery and Kirin Beverage in 2007 and by Kyowa Hakko Kirin in 2015.

Work-Life Balance

Establishing Work Environments with Consideration for Mental and Physical Health

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

The health of employees, who support the growth of the Kirin Group and are the Group's most important management resource, is a critical issue. The Kirin Group introduced the EAP in 2009. Through this program, we are implementing measures to prevent mental health problems, taking steps to foster early discovery and early treatment, and building a highly specialized support system. This program is also handling stress checks, which have been mandatory since December 2015.
  Moreover, EAP results are analyzed for each organization, and organizational diagnoses related to work environments and corporate culture are conducted. In these ways, EAP results are linked to sustained growth for people and organizations.