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Kirin’s Foundation for Value CreationMarketing

Kirin Group Marketing Supporting Sustained Growth

Kirin aims to implement marketing that always integrates corporate activities from the consumer’s perspective. “Quality with Surprise”* is our key phrase for value creation, leveraging our inherited corporate DNA of “Quality First.” This approach comprises the foundation of marketing at Kirin. The Kirin Way for (4) Brand Building (KW4BB), a marketing framework shared throughout the Group, is our platform for giving shape to “Quality with Surprise” and putting together consumer-based marketing.
CSV and digital marketing are drivers that advance consumer-based marketing. We will strive to realize value for society as value for consumers, and to use the latest digital technologies to optimize and advance marketing as a whole with a focus on consumers.
Throughout our long history, we have fostered bonds with consumers, and these bonds are our greatest asset. Moving forward, we will strive to achieve sustained growth by continuing to rigorously create innovation from the consumer’s viewpoint

  • “Quality with Surprise,” our key phrase for value creation of the Japan Integrated Beverages Business, comprises Kirin’s fundamental approach to marketing—continuing to rigorously work from the consumer’s viewpoint and to create new experiences for consumers through superb production and quality control capabilities (“good experiences through good products”).
Junko Tsuboi Executive Officer General Manager of Strategic Branding Department

The Superiority of Kirin’s Marketing Foundation

Based on the knowledge that we have cultivated, we independently formulated KW4BB with reference to examples of companies around the world that have excellent marketing. Under KW4BB, Lion and the Japan Integrated Beverages Business have rebuilt the targeted consumer insight*1 and proposition*2 for each brand, transitioning to insight-first marketing. In addition, we are applying KW4BB to the overseas KIRIN ICHIBAN business. For Nama-cha, we conducted a renewal rooted firmly in the brand’s DNA at the time of its launch. KW4BB was implemented with comprehensive communications from the consumer’s viewpoint. This received significant support from consumers and led to the creation of value through increased brand strength.
We are implementing unique initiatives with CSV-driven marketing. These include 47 Todofuken no Ichiban Shibori, which has generated excitement in support of the pride of local regions and has been implemented in cooperation with consumers.
Furthermore, digital marketing offers a deep understanding of consumers through the use of data and helps to deepen the brand experience. With Kirin Hyoketsu®, we succeeded in revitalizing the brand with comprehensive communications utilizing digital initiatives.

Our bonds with consumers are one of our assets, and to reinforce those bonds we will need to continue to build brands with everyone who is involved with our businesses. In the future, through programs and other initiatives to deepen understanding of KW4BB, we will take steps to ensure that all employees work with a consumer focus. In this way, we will create a range of innovation and bolster the foundation for “good experiences through good products.”

  • ※1The true feelings of consumers, not limited to what they say
  • ※2Proposals drawing on distinctive brand characteristics to reflect insight
Overview of the KW4BB Common Group Marketing Framework

Initiatives for Further Growth

With digital marketing, we are achieving results that are drawing attention, even from other industries.
Integrated marketing, which coordinates mass marketing, digital marketing, and real communication, has started to accelerate. In particular, Kirin Ichiban Shibori, Kirin Hyoketsu®, and Kirin Tanrei Green Label have drawn significant attention, including among younger consumers, and a contribution is being made to increasing the image not only of the brands but also of the Company. DRINX, our original e-commerce site, is a platform for co-creation of value with consumers. We are building a new marketing model for developing craft beer, Japanese wine, and whiskey brands, including the establishment of relationships especially with consumers who are interested in alcoholic beverages.
Having accumulated consumer behavioral data through these types of marketing activities, we will provide personalized, optimal brand experiences to each consumer. In this way, we are aiming to build sustained relationships with consumers. In addition, we are working to increase marketing ROI by using digital data to improve effectiveness verification and are striving to achieve innovation in marketing through the aggressive introduction of AI and other leading-edge technologies and through the use of big data.
In the current age, digital initiatives are used to build ongoing relationships between individual consumers and brands. It is the capabilities of people that support brands and generate new innovation. Moving forward, we will further increase marketing organizational capabilities, enhance relationships with individual consumers, and further deepen marketing. Digital marketing using the latest technologies will be the driver of these initiatives.

Brewer's Selection


Example:Château Mercian Leads Japanese Wine

One of Kirin’s marketing strengths is the incorporation of CSV concepts, which enables us to provide products that offer value for society as value for consumers.
Japanese wine is the focus of growing international attention, and Mercian is working to increase the quality of domestically produced grapes, which are an ingredient for Japanese wine, and to expand vineyards from a long-term perspective. At the Mariko Vineyard in Nagano Prefecture, grape cultivation implemented with an aim of suitable varieties on suitable land has led to the utilization of idle land. By contributing to Japanese agriculture and regional revitalization through winemaking, we will develop Mercian into a brand that local communities care about and are proud of. Moreover, through Château Mercian, we will contribute to increasing the international evaluation of Japanese wine by expanding awareness of the quality of Japanese wine and providing it to more consumers.