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Financial Highlights

OUTCOME: Main achievement of economic value

Value Creation Model

  • Note:Began applying the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) in December 2017.

ROE/Profit margin*1

  • Note: Until fiscal 2016, ROE before amortization of goodwill, etc., net profit margin before amortization of goodwill

Normalized EPS*2/Normalized profit*3

  • Note:Until fiscal 2016, normalized net income

Consolidated normalized operating profit*4/ Consolidated normalized operating profit margin

  • Note:Operating income (margin) until fiscal 2016
  • Note:Revenue excluding liquor tax (sales)
  • *1 Margin of profit attributable to owners of the parent
  • *2Normalized EPS = Adjusted profit / Average number of shares outstanding during period
  • *3Adjusted profit = Profit ± Other operating income and expenses and other items after income taxes
  • *4Normalized operating profit = revenue – cost of sales – (selling, general and administrative expenses) Used as a profit indicator to measure ordinary business performance
  • * Those without are the entire domestic and overseas Group