Kirin Holdings held Kirin Group R&D Day on the subject of its R&D capability as the foundations for driving innovations on 6 October 2020.
The Kirin Group aims to achieve the sustainable growth in Food, Pharmaceuticals, and Health Science domains under the Long-Term Management Vision ‘Kirin Group Vision 2027 (KV2027)’ which the company announced in February 2019.
In Kirin Group R&D DAY, the company explained its R&D about fermentation and biotechnology which are underlying all through business domains, helping its stakeholders further understand how the Group expanded its business domains from a beer company, and gaining their expectations for the innovation in the future and the synergies between three domains.


Opening Remarks

Yoshinori Isozaki, President & CEO

Mr. Isozaki showed the Group’s policy ‘CSV’ positioned at the core of all management in KV2027 and the expectation for its R&D which enables the Group to expand its business domains and will play an important role to solve social issues.

Session 1 ‘R&D at the Kirin Group’

Noriaki Kobayashi, Director of the Board, Senior Executive Officer R&D Strategy

Mr. Kobayashi explained the history of the group, how the company could expand its research areas from fermentation in brewing to microorganisms and cells. Furthermore he talked about future priority areas and explained efforts to solve social issues with R&D capabilities.

Session 2 ‘Discovery and Promise of Lactococcus Lactis Strain Plasma’

Yasuhiro Nishizaki, Senior Executive Director, Tokai University Tokyo Hospital
Daisuke Fujiwara, Deputy General Manager, Health Science Department, Kirin Holdings Company, Limited

Mr. Fujiwara, who discovered the Lactococcus Lactis Strain Plasma, explained the background of the discovery and the research results so far. Dr. Nishizaki, who has conducted clinical trials with the company, indicated about future issues in the medical field and expectations for the Lactococcus Lactis Strain Plasma.

Poster Presentations

Regarding fermentation and biotechnology, the researchers explained some research results along the two themes of "research on raw materials and plants" and "research on microorganisms and cells". There was a lot of interest from the participants.

  • Fermentation & Bioteechnology