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Use of sustainable paper and printed materials

In the Action Plan that we revised in February 2017, we declared our aim of using 100% FSC-certified paper or recycled paper in the Japan Non-alcoholic Beverages Business for all office paper such as copy paper, envelopes, business cards, company brochures, and other printed materials, as well as paper containers, by the end of 2020. We successfully completed the switch to 100% FSC-certified paper or recycled paper in November 2020.
Currently, we are also promoting the use of FSC-certified paper for paper bags with the KIRIN logo, application postcards for prizes, and some paper cups for tasting. We plan to expand these activities to other domestic and overseas businesses in the future.

  • Office paper99.6% FSC-certified paper or recycled paper

  • Envelopes


  • Paper cups

    Paper cups

  • Reply postcards

    Reply postcards

  • Paper bags

    Paper bags

Use of sustainable palm oil

The Kirin Group uses palm oil as an ingredient in some of its products, but because the quantity we use is very small and it is difficult to procure physically certified oil, we adopt the Book & Claim method approved by the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) for the procurement of certified sustainable oil. In accordance with our Action Plan for the Sustainable Use of Biological Resources, we have been using this method for the total volume of palm oil used as a primary raw material every year since 2013 and the estimated total volume used as a secondary raw material from 2014. In March 2018, we became an associate member of the RSPO. We will continue to promote the use of sustainable palm oil.

  • Rate of RSPO certification through Book & Claim method 100% Primary raw materials and secondary raw materials