Embedding the Kirin Group Human Rights Policy in practice

Embedding the Kirin Group Human Rights Policy in practice

To promote respect for human rights, Kirin Group trains employees on human rights every year. We also provide executive training sessions on human rights to presidents and general managers of Group companies every year. We appoint and train a staff member in charge of human rights promotion in each Group company and hold study groups and training sessions for persons responsible for harassment consultation to raise awareness of human rights in workplaces throughout the Group. To review the effectiveness of such measures, we conduct a survey on human rights awareness among Group company employees every year. We use the survey results to assess changes in awareness among employees and issues to be resolved in each Group company and plan our future activities accordingly.

Human Rights Awareness Training for all Employees

We provided human rights awareness training for domestic business companies with lectures and workshops. In addition to promoting understanding of the background and content of the Kirin Group Human Rights Policy, the training also covered the theme of “diversity and unconscious bias,” and “anti-power harassment legislation.”

Human Rights Awareness Training for Top-level Management

In 2019, we held a lecture event, with an outside specialist, on the theme of “Taking ownership of the SDGs – Aiming for a sustainable society that leaves no one behind.”

Briefings to JV partners

Kirin Group believes that our joint venture partnerships have the potential to bring about sustained benefits to communities and the economy in countries we operate in, through job creation, increased incomes and community initiatives. We also see these partnerships as an opportunity to share international best practices on environmental, social and governance (ESG) aspects, including seeking our JV partners’ support for the Kirin Group Human Rights Policy.
To this end, in 2018, we held workshops with our JV partners in the Philippines, Myanmar and China* to develop their understanding and support for the Kirin Group Human Rights Policy. We will continue to hold study workshops and carry out other activities to deepen understanding and promote respect for human rights.
*In 2022, we sold our joint venture interest in China and terminated the relationship.

Briefings to Suppliers

Kirin Group understands the importance of working together with our suppliers to improve respect for human rights across all of our business operations and supply chain. In this regard, we have established the Kirin Group Sustainable Supplier Code, which reflects the Kirin Group Human Rights Policy, and have asked our suppliers to comply with respect for human rights. In addition, we hold regular supplier briefings to deepen suppliers' understanding of our consideration for human rights.

Discussion on human rights at the Group CSV Committee meeting

To support the Kirin Group’s proactive and independent CSV initiatives, the Group CSV Committee meets three times a year in principle, with the meeting chaired by the president & CEO of Kirin Holdings and includes the presidents of major operating companies as members of the committee.

In 2020, the committee discussed on “Addressing Human Rights in the Supply Chain”.

Key Opinions
  • Business partners, NGOs, investors, and other stakeholders request that human rights in the supply chain be addressed, which will affect the Company’s reputation.
  • Demand for response increasing from business partners, in particular, and consumer awareness of issue will eventually grow as well.
  • Issues in the supply chain are also management issues for business partners, and therefore it is important to work together.
  • A project team will be assembled to investigate future efforts aimed at putting the Company’s response among the highest levels within the industry.

Formulation of the Kirin Group Privacy Data Protection Policy

We consider the protection of personal information as an important theme toward promoting respect for human rights. Therefore, we have formulated the Kirin Group Privacy Data Protection Policy  and are working in accordance with this basic policy in an effort to encourage management to be respectful of human rights.