Sustainable use of water resourcesWater Risk Assessment

Water stress (drought) assessment

The Kirin Group uses a large amount of water for applications such as cleaning pipes in brewing and production processes. Water is also essential for agriculture to produce agricultural raw materials, which uses more water than the brewing and production bases of Group companies. It is not easy to respond to water resource issues in the upstream of the value chain, but we start by identifying water risk and water stress and understanding the issues.
Below, we have shown water stress by country with the colors on the map, water usage at brewing and production sites in each country with bar graphs, and water usage in areas producing agricultural raw materials with pie charts.

The survey of agricultural raw materials covered barley, malt, and hops that Kirin Brewery and Lion sourced, and green tea, black tea, and coffee that Kirin Beverage sourced (data for Kirin Brewery and Kirin Beverage are as of 2021; Lion data is as of 2018).
Water stress due to drought is based on the country score for Baseline Water Stress used in WRI Aqueduct.

*The above information is reprinted from the Kirin Group Environmental Report 2022 and is current as of June 30, 2022.