Sustainable use of water resourcesWater Risk Assessment

Results of water risk and water stress surveys

In 2020, we conducted water risk and water stress surveys, and found that business sites in Australia and Thailand have low water use, but use water from areas with a high risk of drought. We also found that in Japan, water use is high, but we use water from basins with a relatively low risk of drought. In terms of flood risk, we found that although production volume is smaller than in Japan, there is a high possibility that Australia will suffer from flood damage, which could significantly affect production. Based on these assessments, we are promoting water-saving activities in response to water stress, the development of BCPs tailored to water risks, etc.

Different water risks and stresses in different countries and regions

The Kirin Group has experienced large-scale droughts many times in Australia, an important business region, and has been empirically aware from many years ago that water issues vary greatly between countries and regions, and that action must be tailored to each situation. To confirm this, in 2014 the Kirin Group surveyed water risks and water stress at a total of 35 sites in six countries. We scientifically confirmed that water stress was high in Australia. We have since conducted water stress and water risk surveys every few years, including expanding the scope of the survey to nine countries and a total of 44 business sites in 2017. In surveys in 2014 and 2017, we estimated the water use of agricultural raw materials in the upstream of our value chain. In 2020, we surveyed and assessed 45 production sites in Japan, Australia, New Zealand, China, the United States, Vietnam, Thailand, and Myanmar. In the survey, after we used WRI Aqueduct to simplify the survey, we made assessments based on factors such as hazard maps and other information published by administrations, as necessary, as well as interviews with all operating companies. Graph 1 shows the total amount of water used at Kirin Group business sites by country. We divide the amount of water used into three colors according to the level of water stress. Graph 2 shows the Kirin Group's total production volume in the alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages businesses, and Graph 3 shows the total production volume in businesses other than alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages by country. We use different colors to show the production volume in three stages according to the level of water risks. Graph 4 shows the overall results of the water risk survey.