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Achieving 100% use of FSC-certified paper in all paper containers and packaging

At the end of November 2020, the Kirin Group achieved the 100% use of FSC-certified paper in all paper containers and packaging at Kirin Brewery, Kirin Beverage, and Mercian. This marked the achievement of the target the Kirin Group set forth in the “CSV Commitment” in February 2017.
The targeted paper containers are “6-can packs,” “gift boxes,” “drink boxes,” and “card board cartons.” This is the first declaration and achievement of that declaration by a Japanese manufacturer to cover all paper containers. We plan to expand this program to other businesses in the future.

  • FSC-certified paper targets and rate of achievement

Initiatives for sustainable paper containers

In 2013, the Kirin Group developed the Action Plan for the Sustainable Use of Biological Resources, and we have since been working toward the sustainable use of paper. In the same year, with the aim of creating a society where sustainable paper is available for use in day-to-day settings, five companies engaged in advanced initiatives related to the use of paper formed the “Consortium for Sustainable Paper Use” together with WWF Japan, and engaged in initiatives such as holding dialogues with suppliers with the aim of promoting the supply of certified paper. In 2017, we revised our Action Plan for the Sustainable Use of Biological Resources, and declared a target of 100% FSC-certified paper for all paper containers. As of May 2016, before this declaration, we had adopted FSC-certified paper for all 250 ml drink boxes for the Tropicana 100% Orange.By the end of March 2019, all Kirin Brewery paper containers were using 100% FSC-certified paper, and by the end ofNovember 2019, all Kirin Beverage paper containers were using100% FSC-certified paper. In November 2020, we achieved 100%use of FSC-certified paper for all Mercian paper containers.

FSC logo displayed on top of 6-can beer packs and cardboard cartons for products

The Kirin Group is pursuing the display of the FSC-certified label to give consumers a real sense of the importance of protecting the forests. In May 2017, we became the first brewery in Japan to sell 6-can packs of beer displaying the FSC-certified label.
Since October the same year, we have been progressively displaying the label on the underside of other 6-can packs and it now appears on the underside of almost all of our 6-can packs. We have also started displaying the label on the spout and sides of drink boxes for non-alcoholic beverages, with the label already visible on most of these products. Starting with January 2019 shipments, we have begun displaying the FSC logo on the top of 6-can packs and cardboard cartons for alcoholic beverages. Now consumers can see the logo on most of our products on store shelves.