Ensuring Occupational Safety Policy and System

Kirin Group Occupational Health and Safety Policy

Kirin Group Occupational Health and Safety Policy

The Kirin Group aims to ensure that each and every person who works with us is healthy, safe and lively in mind and body, and has a heightened sense of job satisfaction.

Guidelines for action

  • We will put safety above all else, protect ourselves and our fellow workers, foster a mutually enlightened safety
    culture and eliminate occupational accidents through the participation of all employees.
  • We continuously work to improve the mental and physical health of our employees and to enhance a pleasant and
    hygienic working environment.
  1. compliance (with laws and regulations)
    We comply with the applicable occupational health and safety laws and voluntary standards in the countries and regions in which we operate.
  2. continuous improvement
    We will establish a system with clearly defined roles and responsibilities in the organisations and workplaces of the Kirin Group companies, deploy
    appropriate management resources and continuously improve occupational health and safety activities.
  3. Reduction of potentially hazardous and harmful behaviours and conditions(risk assessment)
    We understand the nature of processes and facilities and equipment, investigate and assess potentially hazardous and harmful behaviours and
    conditions in the workplace, eliminate and reduce risks and eliminate occupational accidents.
  4. Improved education, training and awareness-raising activities
    We systematically implement education, training and awareness-raising activities so that each and every one of us can think, act and speak to
    each other independently and strive to improve our mental and physical health.
  5. communication
    We communicate actively with each other, engage in occupational health and safety activities with the participation of all, and disseminate
    necessary information.

Occupational Safety and Health Systems

At Kirin Group, the Central Safety and Health Committee, which is comprised of representatives from operating companies and the labor union, has been established to supervise the Safety and Health committees that are in place at individual business sites. Safety and Health activity policies are formulated for individual operating companies on an annual basis.
Monthly meetings of the Safety and Health committees at individual business sites are held to draft policies matched to the characteristics of the given site and to work to ensure that the site is safe and hygienic. In addition, sites are patrolled to identify threats to employee safety and health and to pursue improvements to address these threats.
The Group has adopted a health-oriented business management approach to further enhance the effectiveness of the initiatives of Safety and Health committees, which act based on laws and regulations. Our initiatives on this front are focused on four themes of particular importance with regard to employee health: lifestyle diseases, mental health, working style reforms, and inappropriate drinking.
Furthermore, Kirin Brewery Company has established the Occupational Safety and Health Management Regulations. These regulations stipulate that general managers responsible for production and sales should oversee occupational safety and health management at the business sites for which they are responsible. Individuals in charge of human resources divisions are to support the managers of divisions at the head office.
Kirin Holdings has established a “Group Health and Safety Meeting” to monitor the progress of indicators and discuss policies, strategies, and plans related to health and safety. The contents of the meetings have been reported to the Group CSV Committee and, if necessary, to the Board meeting for deliberation and reporting.

Health-Oriented Business Management Promotion System at Kirin Holdings Company, Limited

Production divisions at Kirin Brewery set safety key performance indicators each year, and progress in relation to these indicators is confirmed by management on a quarterly basis.
The Risk Assessment Guidelines are in place to facilitate occupational Safety and Health improvements at plants. Based on these guidelines, surveys are conducted to identify dangers and hazards, and the results are used to formulate the necessary measures for removing threats to employee Safety and Health.

Involvement of Labor Unions

Regular meetings are held between management and employees at operating companies to share and review the progress of occupational Safety and Health initiatives for the fiscal year together with employee representatives or labor unions.

Occupational Safety and Health Performance Monitoring and Management

Kirin Group has included provisions for health-oriented business management in “Our CSV Commitment.” Building upon our previous occupational Safety and Health initiatives, we will practice a health-oriented business management approach, designate indicators for measuring success, and monitor progress on a Groupwide basis.

Suppliers and Occupational Safety

Regarding occupational safety management for suppliers, Kirin Group promotes sustainable procurement in line with Kirin Group Sustainable Supplier Code (hereinafter “Supplier Code”), wherein “Provision of Safe Working Environment” is listed under the category “Occupational Safety and Health.”
We will continue our efforts to spread and promote understanding of occupational health and safety, and strive to improve the work environment across the entire Group, with our highest priority on safety and hygiene.